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Beach Park Plaza

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Second Saturday of each month in Beach Park Plaza, Jumeirah 2

Are you a young fashion designer or brand pioneer looking for an opportunity to establish your presence in the region? Or are you a pre-owned high-end fashion lover looking for a place to sell? Then sign up and be part of the contemporary infinite frontiers of the regions fashion scene.

exhibitor category

When filling up our application form, let us know if you are a young designer bringing along your own collection of clothing, fashion accessories or jewellery, if you are importing a new brand from abroad, or if you are selling second hand designer items.

Details, Description & photos

Submit information about your products using our online application form, and attach pictures so we get an idea what you are selling. Prime Dubai Designer Market focuses on fashion, jewelry and designer wear, and can therefore only accept exhibitors fitting in this category.
Spaces are limited to 35 exhibitors.

After submitting your details on our booking page, you are redirected to our payments page. In order to confirm your participation, you need to pay before the event. Should your products not be fitting for the event, we will have to reject your application and ask for your understanding.

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Join our group of exhibitors by filling up our application form here.



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